Gavin Heer

Jun 15

Square co-founder Tristan O'Tierney exits the company after 4.5 years, has no immediate plans -

 ”It is often the case that early-stage employees (and/or founders) get to a point where the once-small company they worked at has become a much bigger organization that no longer feels like a startup, ”


I know the feeling…

Sep 14

“Here’s how to generate new ideas. Three things. One: founders are target users. Two: not many people could build it, but founders are among them. Three: few people realize it is a big deal” —

May 25


May 04

Clever Blog Name: How to make Xcode's UI work for you (maybe) -


Xcode 4 has been out for a while now, but a lot of people are still uncomfortable with its interface and find it awkward to use. I am not in that group, as I’ve actually quite liked the way things are setup overall. This is probably largely because it’s similar to the way I was using Xcode 3…

Mar 29

“Years of experience and persistence. No Magic.”

Feb 19

CocoaHeads: Objective-C literals for NSDictionary, NSArray, and NSNumber -


Objective-C literals: one can now create literals for NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSNumber (just like one can create literals for NSString)

NSArray Literals


array = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:a, b, c, nil];


array = @[ a, b, c ];

NSDictionary Literals



Dec 26

Oct 08


It’s a little hard for me to put into words how I feel about Steve Job death. He’s been someone I look up to for inspiration, it’s just a bit strange to be affected so strongly by someone I never met.

It was also a bit odd how I found out about his death. I was using an iPad to test an app I was working on. The iPad had the CNN app installed and it received a push notification message announcing Steve Jobs had died.

I took a screenshot:

I’ll leave it to Twitter and the blog-sphere to pay proper tribute to the man but I do have my own Steve Jobs story.

The only small connection I’ve had with Steve is I once emailed him out of desperation to getting an app approved.

We had a contact at the App Store who would occasionally help us when we were having trouble with app approval. This was over a year ago when it was normal to take 2-3 weeks to get an app approved. We had this one app get rejected twice, both times for IMHO suspect reasons.
It was Friday night the app had just gotten rejected again and the conference was starting the next day. It was a big conference too, with a very important client (we’ve done probably 5 other apps with them since). We couldn’t get a hold of our contact so in desperation, I sent an email to SJ and left the office. What were the chances?

Two hours later, I finally got a response from our contact…here’s a snippet from that email:


The app has been approved. No need to email SJ in the future! Just email me. 



Thanks SJ.

Sep 02

Europe Vacation

I’m heading to Europe for a three week vacation with my wife and two sister-in-laws.

The male/female ratio of this trip is a little off but it should make for some interesting situations. A lot of them will probably result in me sitting in a local pub solo while the three of them shop. Sounds good to me, just wish I packed my flask.

I’ve been trying to get into this blogging thing for awhile so I’m going to attempt to blog our vacation. I doubt I’ll be able to blog that often but it would be a good memento of our trip.

We’re waiting to board our flight to London on Air Canada. I hope it has wifi which would make the trip a lot smoother. I left my MBP at home but I brought my iPad and loaded it up with movies and books.

Not like it matters as I’m probably gonna pass out. QuickMobile has been crazy busy as usual and I’ve been working about 55-65 hours a week the last few weeks.

Here we go, man I miss my dog already.

May 09

Now that’s a creepy Easter Bunny.

Now that’s a creepy Easter Bunny.